This Thursday at 9am on 3MGB 101.7 Mallacoota and 96.9 Genoa, episode 7 of ‘From the Embers’ produced by the Community Radio Network will feature Mallacoota’s recent fire experience and interviews with Don, Francesca, Brodie, Kristin and Kate.

Episode is Episode 7 ‘From The Embers’, is based around the experiences of the community in Mallacoota.

Title: Shelter at the Beach

First the road closed. Then on the morning of New Year’s Day, night came and the skies turned red. Images from the coastal town of Mallacoota went viral as thousands of people sheltered on the wharf, the beach and in the caravan park that overlooks the lake.
And during that time, the community radio station, helmed by Francesca Winterson played on…until they couldn’t.

Francesca Winterson
Don Ashby
Brodie Gaudion
Kristin Rule
Kate Jackson

Producer: Anne Wall
Executive Producer and Sound Design Sarah Mashman
Production Management Team Vicky Rouse and Abe Killian
Engineering Tegan Nichols
Script Consultation Zoe Ferguson
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