Get involved in a panel discussion about youth issues which is actually youth led. In response to QandA’s rather mindnumbing latest episode

Did you see this week’s QandA on the issues facing young people post Covid? Link above.

Who else is disappointed that there was only 1 young person involved and at how condescending and fake some of Sophie’s fellow panelists were? It was a perfect illustration of how hard it is for young people to get very simple, important and obvious points across when they are constantly spoken over by greedy and dishonest business politicians. Otherwise it was a perfect waste of an opportunity to have a representative and thought provoking discussion on the uncertainties and concerns facing young people today.

Monday we go Rogue QandA – in response to the ABC’s not-very-representative ‘Young and Free’ Q&A episode on Monday, National Youth Commission Australia are organising a youth led panel discussion and have invited a Sanctuary representative to speak up for rural fire affected youth.


Since Brodie has been nominated as tribute, we are having a special Gathering at 2pm Monday (at The Sanctuary) to go over the questions before the live discussion. We will also have a general catch up for all members interested in committee proceedings and our reopening plans. Drop In returns on Tuesday 26th!

Why do you think decision makers in the world of business and government accept that young people and children will be in charge of fixing the environment, economic crisis and human rights failures caused by current and previous leaders, while simultaneously suffering the hard core consequences? HOW DARE THEY?