The Sanctuary’s biggest strength is our relationship with other organisations in the community who support us to be an autonomous youth led association with deep roots in all aspects of our community. We rely upon and continue to build existing relationships with local organisations, to continue to support our members to gain skills, confidence and a voice for the future of our community. The following are a list of organisations, charities and businesses who have provided assitance, encouragement and committment to supporting us thrive.

Mallacoota SES

The Mallacoota State Emergency Service (SES) personnel have been integral to the creation of The Sanctuary. The initial idea arose from SES members and continues to be led by members of the SES cadets. They provided support in turning the vacant Newsagency building into a youth friendly space and are committed to ongoing support and advocacy for The Sanctuary to become a sustainable youth organisation.

Mallacoota and District Community Recovery Association

Established for the purposes of recovering from the impact of the summer 2019/2020, the association has offered us auspicing services as a DGR status association through the Bendigo Bank and ongoing support. 

Save the Children Australia

Save the Children strongly supports the work of the Sanctuary and will work in partnership on mechanisms for children and young people to have their voices heard and opportunities for participation in their community. See our ‘Hearing the Voices of Children and Young People’ post for more info on how Save the Children have supported The Sanctuary and the youth of East Gippsland

Youth Association Council Victoria

YACVic has been present during Mallacoota’s response and recovery phases post bushfire via the on ground support of Rural Manager Derm Ryan. They have been available for guidance and networking connections and provide ongoing mentoring and connections for our Youth Coordinator

  • Mallacoota Halls and Recreation

Working together to secure funding for and perform community consultation on the Skate Park Redevelopment Project. Generally we have a very close relationship with the Halls and Rec committee and they are auspicing us.

  • Boardrider’s Association

An organisation who have social and cultural significance to many young people and their families in Mallacoota. They have strong fundraising capabilities to share with The Sanctuary and are at the heart of much of the social and youth and family culture within Mallacoota. Reciprocal membership with The Sanctuary.

  • Surf Life Saving Club

The Mallacoota Surf Life Saving Club (SLSC) keeps us safe on the beach and encourages young people to be valued and valuable members of the community. By offering training programs, mentoring, roles of responsibility and community participation, the SLSC invests in the future of young members and the communities they belong to. Through our reciprocal membership arrangement, all Sanctuary Members can benefit from what the Mallacoota SLSC can offer. Mallacoota SLSC have raised a generous amount of money for The Sanctuary and we are working in parntership to deliver to the youth of our town and sustainability of our programs and organisation

  • Lions Club

Since the fires occurred, the Lions Club have teamed up with The Sanctuary to hold a weekly Sunday BBQ, sports match and music performance. The Club have pledged to continue to help kids with a good cause without any hesitation.

  • Mallacoota P-12 College

It was with great support from the staff and leaders at Mallacoota P-12 College that The Sanctuary was founded. To date, the college has offered advice, significant financial assistance in staffing, loan of furniture and instruments, support in applying for Working with Children (WWC) checks and understanding legal requirements. This has enabled The Sanctuary to become an effective aspect of health, education and wellbeing. The ability of the College to support The Sanctuary financially was for a limited time and there is an immediate need to move on from the College’s legal protection into our own entity.  In-kind and mentoring support will continue from the College. 

  • East Gippsland Shire

The Sanctuary is in discussion with the Shire about how we can utilize its existing youth support services, visiting guests and opportunities as they become available. The East Gippsland Shire enthusiastically endorses The Sanctuary and its leaders are actively exploring avenues of support.

  • Mallacoota District Health and Social Service (MDHSS) 

The MDHSS are working with The Sanctuary to close the gap in youth services. We are also working together on a funding proposal through Neighbourhood House for Computer Coaching Classes offered by the youth to older people in the community as a way to build intergenerational friendships and financially support young adults. There is huge scope to build relationships between MDHSS and The Sanctuary

  • CHIRF 

CHIRF is a Health Promotion Charity to support medical and allied services for the Mallacoota community and rural and remote regions Australia-wide. The Sanctuary already benefits from and increases access to the Teen Clinic providing free health care for young people twice a week . Training for people in the community to provide enhanced and tailored services to the youth is a major part of their youth support budget.

  • Mallacoota Youth and Sports Club
    The Mallacoota Youth and Sports club provides use and insurance of the local tennis court and Mallacoota Hall to its members. We will work closely with them in the future to continue the Sunday sports days and expand the sports program locally and in collaboration with surrounding towns and communities