Hey Mallacoota Crew Quinn here from Melbourne band The Grogans Lookin at getting a show down your way towards the end of this year, so hopefully we can tee that up. Pretty keen to get down there. I just wanted to touch base and let you know about a pretty cool conversation that’s happening on the 15th of May. It’s all about how to make the Mallacoota community the best that it can be and the only way that can sorta happen is with local action. So I’m keen to see how that turns out Hope to hear from you guys soon, we’ll be up there as soon as we possibly can. Take care, see yas soon.

If you’re aged 10-13 come along 9.30-1.30. Then dinner is on from 4pm, so come back for that!

If you’re aged 14-25 come along from 1.30pm onwards

See you at the Club Rooms on Greer Street, Mallacoota


Get in touch with Brodie at The Sanctuary, James at the Hub or Daniella at MDHSS if you want help applying. If your postcode looks like 3892 3891 3890 etc.. you are eligible for $3000 to put towards a computer / car / books / tools etc


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