The MAD Random Acts concept has been growing collectively and creatively from the ashes of the 2019/2020 Black Summer Fires that devastated our beautiful natural environments and town.

It has been such a random year, one in which it has been impossible to plan commemorative activities or an arts festival with any certainty. And so we embrace the randomness, the fleeting beauty, the ephemeral nature of life in this, our first, collection of Mallacoota and District (MAD) Random Acts. 

This website is a place where we gather, support, share and grow the vast talents, potential and stories from our community.

It is also a place to check the latest events and happenings across Mallacoota and District. 

Please join us in a Random Act. Strum, compose, film, write, weave, paint, sculpt or sing. Or be a year-round contributor to our Living Film. 

To find out how to engage explore our MAD Contributor page.

Check out the commemoration film below – One Year On, produced and directed by The Sanctuary’s media mentor Kristin Rule and animations by youth leader Airly Embleton-Mew.

Thank you to everyone involved in getting us through 2020

Featuring an amazing line up of speakers including our very own Sanctuary members Airly and Brodie, this Youth Futures Summit is a fantastic opportunity to connect with other people passionate about understanding and shaping the future to be a better place for young people.

Our ally Diana Woolfe has offered a young person an opportunity to attend by paying for their ticket – to the value of $150. It could be YOU! Let us know if you would like to attend for free

What is on the horizon for young people? Contribute to a new vision for young people post-Covid-19 and co-design the future.

COVID-19 has completely disrupted work and social lives. Not only has it led to the massive shift of most people working from home and remotely, but it has also led to a huge jump in youth unemployment and underemployment, increasing debt for young people, disruption to school and education, serious mental health challenges, and more.

There is no doubt that COVID-19 has exacerbated the pre-existing issues young people faced in education, employment and transitions.

It is critical that preparations are made for the post-COVID-19 world in order to support young people into secure and sustainable futures.

YFS2020 will adapt to the challenges of these times and be a completely virtual event. And no, this won’t be anything like your typical webinar.


– Draw together thousands of people from multiple sectors and communities that are reflective of the diversity of cultures, backgrounds, experiences, and beliefs that make up all of Australia
– Be co-presented, co-attended and shaped by young people
– Deep-dive into the challenges and identify what the solutions should be
– Explore a number of different areas from education, youth mental health, the Australian economy, training, job services, young workers’ rights, and what the future of work will look like.

The Summit provides an opportunity for you to be part of forming a new ecosystem now and for the future of work, which is co-designed with young people for young people.

To do this, the Summit will ask what needs to be done:

What already works? Let’s identify the best of what we do now to bring into the future.

What do we need to change so that young people are able to learn, work and earn with better prospects?

What do we need to create to foster an ecosystem for the future of work where employment is sustainable?

Emerging Minds 04:00 – 29:00 minutes

Brodie telling the story of The Sanctuary 30:00 – 59:00 minutes

22 year old Gugu Yalanji, Jirrbal and Badu Island songbird Kee’ahn joins Airly for a live 3MGB radio interview in perfect timing to celebrate National Reconciliation Week

With a name coming from the Wik people of Cape York meaning to dance, to sing, to play, Kee’ahn honors her ancestors through vulnerable soulful melodies of identity, heartbreak,and healing.

Join us on 3MGB from 12-2pm Tuesday June 1st for great music, live interview and inspiring voices and perspectives.

This Thursday at 9am on 3MGB 101.7 Mallacoota and 96.9 Genoa, episode 7 of ‘From the Embers’ produced by the Community Radio Network will feature Mallacoota’s recent fire experience and interviews with Don, Francesca, Brodie, Kristin and Kate.

Episode is Episode 7 ‘From The Embers’, is based around the experiences of the community in Mallacoota.

Title: Shelter at the Beach

First the road closed. Then on the morning of New Year’s Day, night came and the skies turned red. Images from the coastal town of Mallacoota went viral as thousands of people sheltered on the wharf, the beach and in the caravan park that overlooks the lake.
And during that time, the community radio station, helmed by Francesca Winterson played on…until they couldn’t.

Francesca Winterson
Don Ashby
Brodie Gaudion
Kristin Rule
Kate Jackson

Producer: Anne Wall
Executive Producer and Sound Design Sarah Mashman
Production Management Team Vicky Rouse and Abe Killian
Engineering Tegan Nichols
Script Consultation Zoe Ferguson
Theme Oliver Beard
This podcast has been brought to you by the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia, and is supported by The Judith Neilson Institute for Journalism and Ideas and The Paul Ramsay Foundation