The MAD Random Acts concept has been growing collectively and creatively from the ashes of the 2019/2020 Black Summer Fires that devastated our beautiful natural environments and town.

It has been such a random year, one in which it has been impossible to plan commemorative activities or an arts festival with any certainty. And so we embrace the randomness, the fleeting beauty, the ephemeral nature of life in this, our first, collection of Mallacoota and District (MAD) Random Acts. 

This website is a place where we gather, support, share and grow the vast talents, potential and stories from our community.

It is also a place to check the latest events and happenings across Mallacoota and District. 

Please join us in a Random Act. Strum, compose, film, write, weave, paint, sculpt or sing. Or be a year-round contributor to our Living Film. 

To find out how to engage explore our MAD Contributor page.

Check out the commemoration film below – One Year On, produced and directed by The Sanctuary’s media mentor Kristin Rule and animations by youth leader Airly Embleton-Mew.

Thank you to everyone involved in getting us through 2020

The 4th August is National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children’s Day (Children’s Day) and it is a day celebrated across the country each year.  Children’s Day is a time Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families and communities and all Australians, celebrate the strengths and culture of children. It is an opportunity to show support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, as well as learn about the crucial impact that culture, family and community play in the life of every.  

Also in this edition, as East Gippsland prepares to go back in to lockdown and returning to Learn@Home, we wanted to share with you some resources that might be useful during this time which you will find on the second page.  There is also a range of different activities for presechoolers, children and young people on the last page.  We would like to encoruage you to tell us…

‘What is one thing we can improve or do differently to assist children, young people and families in East Gippsland during lockdown?’

visit to give us your feedback.

We would love to hear from children, young people, parents, carers, grandparents, and people who work with children and young people!


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Everyone welcome to join! Our members, family, supporters, sponsors, friends, neighbours, colleagues….. We look forward to sharing our story so far and sharing what we have created as young people in Mallacoota surviving (sometimes even thriving!) in 2020