The Education and Workplace Pathways
Grant assists young people looking to
continue their education or to support
those looking for work.
This grant could help with paying education
fees, accessing technology to support work
or education needs, or purchasing work
related attire such as safety gear.
To qualify, you need to:
• Be between 15 and 25 years old
• Have identification (or government letter)
to demonstrate that your residence was
in a bushfire impacted area, and proof of
residency (e.g. utility bill)
• Provide evidence of school or
course enrolment
• Provide evidence around your workplace
situation–this will be discussed with you
If approved for a grant, a bank statement or
internet banking screenshot, clearly showing
your name; bank name; BSB; and account
details, will be required. This is so we can
transfer funds to your account.
To apply or for more information, please
call The Salvation Army’s bushfire
disaster team on 1300 662 217 or email

Our Thursday Media Meet Ups have evolved!! Get involved

Today we submitted a grant application to the East Gippsland Shire Council for some start up funding for our MAD Local Legends project

We have some funding support from the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal in Partnership with Sony Foundation – official announcement and more details to come!

The Sanctuary is working with key film industry professionals from Mallacoota and beyond to produce three short films on Mallacoota Local Legends for premier at an emerging & exciting grass roots film & arts festival ‘Mallacoota Random Acts’ in late Dec 2020. The primary aim of this pilot program is to develop a working model for ongoing film & media collaborations, projects & learning in the youth centre and throughout the broader community.


Check out Ashlee and Airly’s first starring and editing efforts

Our ambition is to have the first of many annual film festivals – featuring some locally made films and many more from the wide world – set up by the final week of December this year to be a poignant / funny / celebratory / healing commemoration of the fires and general upheaval 2020 has given us.

We are exploring ways to purchase a drive in cinema to be owned by the community to allow us to connect from the safety of our own cars even if COVID continues to keep us physically apart. We had one booked to rent for later this month but, alas, STAGE 3 HAPPENED!!!

We hope to invest in a community owned, portable drive-in cinema which will allow us to enjoy films or participate in webinars and community consultation in various suitable locations. During COVID it is an innovative way to meet immediate needs of getting together as a community to recover, connect and consult on our recovery decision while still creatively managing risk and respecting physical distancing measures. The first few events would be organised by the likes of ourselves and other Not-For-Profits and focus on safe community engagement, youth leadership and indigenous culture.

Featuring an amazing line up of speakers including our very own Sanctuary members Airly and Brodie, this Youth Futures Summit is a fantastic opportunity to connect with other people passionate about understanding and shaping the future to be a better place for young people.

Our ally Diana Woolfe has offered a young person an opportunity to attend by paying for their ticket – to the value of $150. It could be YOU! Let us know if you would like to attend for free

What is on the horizon for young people? Contribute to a new vision for young people post-Covid-19 and co-design the future.

COVID-19 has completely disrupted work and social lives. Not only has it led to the massive shift of most people working from home and remotely, but it has also led to a huge jump in youth unemployment and underemployment, increasing debt for young people, disruption to school and education, serious mental health challenges, and more.

There is no doubt that COVID-19 has exacerbated the pre-existing issues young people faced in education, employment and transitions.

It is critical that preparations are made for the post-COVID-19 world in order to support young people into secure and sustainable futures.

YFS2020 will adapt to the challenges of these times and be a completely virtual event. And no, this won’t be anything like your typical webinar.


– Draw together thousands of people from multiple sectors and communities that are reflective of the diversity of cultures, backgrounds, experiences, and beliefs that make up all of Australia
– Be co-presented, co-attended and shaped by young people
– Deep-dive into the challenges and identify what the solutions should be
– Explore a number of different areas from education, youth mental health, the Australian economy, training, job services, young workers’ rights, and what the future of work will look like.

The Summit provides an opportunity for you to be part of forming a new ecosystem now and for the future of work, which is co-designed with young people for young people.

To do this, the Summit will ask what needs to be done:

What already works? Let’s identify the best of what we do now to bring into the future.

What do we need to change so that young people are able to learn, work and earn with better prospects?

What do we need to create to foster an ecosystem for the future of work where employment is sustainable?